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Herman Hill & Associates

137 Willow Creek Trail, Dallas, Georgia, United States

(770) 489 - 8690


Herman Hill PE, PTOE, ACTAR

ACTAR Number 663

BCE, Ga Tech 1964
MSCE, Ga Tech 1965
MSPA, Breneau, 1986
Licensed Professional Engineer, 1969; Licensed in 10 States
ACTAR Accredited, #663
Senior Member, NAFE. #663
Certified Professional Traffic Operations Engineer, #322
NCUTCD, member since 1996
Worked for Georgia DOT 15 years; worked for local cities and counties for 9 years, worked as consultant since 1993
Organized Herman Hill & Associates, 1995
Member Professional Organizations: ITE, NAFE, TRB, NAPARS, ASTM, ASCE, SAE, NSPE, APWA
In past have been involved with Rotary Club, United Way, March of Dimes