The Accreditation Renewal Process

A passing grade on both portions of the examination earns the participant a five year accreditation term. During the five year period an individual must accrue a total of 80 CEUs (Continuing Education Units). At the end of the five year accreditation period and upon accrual of the required number of CEUs, the accredited reconstructionist agrees to abide by the ACTAR Code of Conduct and remits a renewal fee of $300.00 for another five year accreditation term via their Personal Dashboard.

An accredited reconstructionist may renew early, or prior to the expiration of their five year period, any time after accrual of the required 80 CEUs, by selecting an earlier date on their Personal Dashboard Renewal Page or by notifying the Administrator of the early renewal date desired so their account's renewal date can be reset.  Upon renewal, a new accreditation period begins and the five year CEU accrual clock is reset.

Should I renew my accreditation early or wait until the end of the five year accreditation period?

The answer may depend upon your ability to accrue CEUs.

If you foresee attending training courses for which CEUs are likely to be offered and you already possess the 80 CEUs required for renewal, you may wish to renew early so that the CEUs for the upcoming course will be credited to the next five year accreditation term. CEUs in excess of the required 80 are not transferrable between renewal periods. Upon renewal the CEU count is reset to zero.

Are you ready to renew?

Simply log in and complete the online renewal process.

Renewal with less than 80 CEUs

Individuals may waive the acquisition of CEUs and reaccredit by successfully retaking the complete ACTAR exam. The formal application process will not be required. The fee for taking the exam for renewal purposes is $300.00, same as the renewal fee.

Confused? Have questions?

If you have questions or need additional information regarding the renewal process, call the ACTAR office (800) 809-3818 or use the Contact Page to send a message to the ACTAR Administrator.