The Accreditation Commission for Traffic Accident Reconstruction requires that all accredited reconstructionists accrue eighty (80) Continuing Education Units (CEUs) within a five-year period after passing the examination in order to be eligible for renewal of their accreditation. This requirement continues for each successive renewal period. CEU credit is not granted for courses or programs completed prior to the individual attaining accreditation.

NEW CEU Accrual Process for Conferences

Beginning May 2022, ACTAR has instituted a new way of tracking CEUs at conferences and other select training events. Generally, these will be events that feature menu style schedules that allow attendees to select which sessions they choose to participate in.

Rather than awarding the maximum possible CEUs for the entire event to all attendees, participants will be required to check-in to the various sessions they choose to attend. CEUs will be awarded only for those sessions the participant checks into.

The check-in system ACTAR’s Governing Board of Directors (GBOD) is using is called i-Attend Self Check-In. This system greatly simplifies the process for both you, the conference host, and the award of CEUs to your account by the ACTAR Administrator. It also allows for greater accountability among our accredited reconstructionists to ensure the integrity of ACTAR’s CEU process.

This process involves you, the accredited professional, verifying your participation/attendance at the conference sessions eligible for ACTAR CEUs. It will be YOUR responsibility to check-in during each session to be awarded CEUs for that session.

Instructions for installing and testing the i-Attend Self Check-In application are available using one of the hyperlinks below.

i-Attend Video Instructions           i-Attend PDF Instructions

Obtaining CEUs - Approved Group Application Events

Individuals may obtain CEUs by attending training events that are ACTAR CEU eligible. ACTAR CEU eligible events are those that have been submitted to ACTAR on a Group CEU Application by the sponsoring organization. Generally, all that is needed when participating in these events is for the accredited reconstructionist to record their attendance at the event using i-Attend Self Check-In as explained above. There are exceptions to this, so it is always best to check with the sponsor of the event for guidance.

Generally, one CEU is awarded for each complete hour devoted to a training or lecture topic. The sponsoring or presenting organization for the course or program shall submit a detailed schedule specifically denoting the topics and hours spent in class or lecture for each topic with their Group CEU Application. A general Course outline that does not show an hourly breakdown, including time allotted for breaks, will not be accepted.

It is the responsibility of the organizer or presenter of the training course, seminar or program to submit a Group CEU Application, submit all applicable fees and forward a list of those in attendance who seek CEU credit at the completion of the training event.

Organizers are encouraged to submit a Group CEU Application for approval prior to presenting the course or program. This allows organizers to include the maximum number of CEUs the event is eligible for if all sessions are attended in their marketing materials. It also speeds the process of crediting the CEUs to the individual participants who attend the event. The Group CEU Application fee is $50.00. An additional fee of $5.00 for each participant who successfully completes the course or program and seeks award of CEUs is required. The $5.00 per participant fee is waived for programs which are sponsored or presented by one of the twenty-four ACTAR Participating Organizations.

Educational institutions or other organizations that present recurring courses may obtain continuous CEU approval. The presenter need only submit a Group CEU Application, course curriculum and schedule once and request continuing approval. CEU eligibility will be determined for that course and will remain in effect until such time as there is a change in the curriculum. Each time an event is presented institutions or organizations who obtain continuous CEU approval are required to submit a $50.00 course fee plus $5.00 per participant seeking CEU credit. If no participants seek CEU credit, no fees are due.

Individual CEU Applications

Other training events that have relevance to motor vehicle collision reconstruction that were not submitted to ACTAR by the sponsor, may be reported by the individual accredited accident reconstructionist after completing the event by submitting an Individual CEU Application, that includes a detailed schedule specifically denoting the topics and hours spent in class or lecture for each topic and their certificate of completion. A general Course outline that does not show an hourly breakdown, including time allotted for breaks, will not be accepted. If field-relatedness is not self evident, an explanation, course curriculum or detailed outline should be included as well. After eligibility is determined, CEUs will be awarded upon payment of a fee of $5.00 per CEU.  Individual applications submitted for group approved courses will be denied. Individual CEU Applications are submitted via a user's Personal Dashboard CEUs Menu item.

Traditional Education and Field Related Training

Accredited individuals may be awarded CEUs for successful completion of traditional college courses, accident investigation courses, seminars, or related subject matter that were presented without ACTAR pre-approval.

Traditional education, college courses, etc., which include accident reconstruction or field-related topics, can be qualified for CEUs. Related courses will be evaluated by the ACTAR CEU Committee on a case by case basis for CEU eligibility. Acquiring CEUs outside of pre-approved methods requires that the requestor submit an Individual CEU Application, detailed schedule and a course curriculum or detailed outline as well as a final grade for the course (transcript). If field-relatedness is not self evident, an explanation should be included as well. College courses must be identified as either a quarter or semester class. After eligibility is determined, CEUs will be awarded upon payment of a fee of $5.00 per CEU.

CEUs by Teaching

Individuals instructing accident reconstruction related topics or courses may accrue up to 25% of the required 80 CEUs (20 CEUs per 5-year period) if the material being presented would be approved for student CEUs. Generally this means that instruction of courses that are prerequisite to accident reconstruction courses will not be approved under this category.  CEUs for instructing are awarded at the rate of 1 CEU per instructional hour. Instructing a 20-hour course can provide the instructor with a total of 20 CEUs. Individuals seeking CEU credit for instructing courses must submit an Individual CEU Application including a detailed course curriculum or outline and an hourly course schedule. A copy of an assignment letter, contractual agreement or other proof the presentation was made should also be included. After eligibility is determined, CEUs will be awarded upon payment of a fee of $5.00 per CEU.

CEUs Through Publication

Research or technical papers applicable to accident investigation or reconstruction prepared by the accredited individual may be eligible for CEUs. This provides the opportunity for the accredited reconstructionist to provide test data or other analysis to the field as well as being 'published' in the field. Some limiting conditions are: Maximum 20 CEUs awarded by this method per five-year accreditation period.

Papers are required to be submitted a minimum of 120 days before the applicant's scheduled renewal date. A complete copy of the paper or article must be submitted with the Individual CEU Application for review by the CEU Committee.

If no third party copyright prohibits it, the author agrees to allow ACTAR rights to publish and/or distribute the paper.

How Many CEUs Do I Have?

CEU credit is typically recorded to an individual's account as soon as the ACTAR Administrator receives notification from the sponsoring or presenting organization that the individual successfully completed a CEU eligible course.
In the past, most delays dealing with the award of CEUs have been associated with the submitting
organization or entity's delay in reporting the event to ACTAR. It is very important that organizers or
presenters of programs or courses seeking CEU credit submit the required applications, fees and rosters in a timely manner.

If you would like to check the balance of your CEU account, log in and use the CEU query feature.

Confused? Have questions?

If you have questions or need additional information regarding the CEU process, call the ACTAR office (800) 809-3818 or use the Contact Page to send a message to the ACTAR Administrator.