Apply for Accreditation

About the Online Application

The online application has been split into 5 parts. At the bottom of each page is a blue Save & Continue button and a grey Save and Exit button. Clicking either of these buttons will send the information you’ve entered to be securely saved in the database, but it will not be visible to anyone until you click the yellow Save & Submit button at the end of Step 5. You can edit previous pages of your application by clicking on the desired section/step (Your Account, Basic Information, etc.) in the bar at the top of each application page. The information you’ve entered will not be saved until you click either of the Save options on the current page, and the site will warn you if you click a link to another page without saving.

Download & Print the Instructions

As you fill out each part of the accreditation application, you can view the instructions at any time by clicking on “General help with the application or process” in the left sidebar and then “check out the application instructions.” We do, however, recommend that you save or print a copy of the instructions to make referencing them easier.

Click here to open the PDF instructions in a new tab, and then right click on the page to Save As... or Print.

Getting Additional Help

At any time when filling out the accreditation application, if you need help with a specific question, answer requirements, or with the accreditation process in general, use the links under “General help with the application or process” in the left sidebar. If you’re experiencing technical issues with the website (saving or loading information), use the “Technical help with the online application” links in the left sidebar. The ability to contact the web development team directly will be available for a short time after site launch.