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Kent E. Boots & Associates

P.O. Box 3085, Auburn, California, United States

(916) 770 - 9475


Kent E. Boots

ACTAR Number 1170

Kent has nearly 30 years of experience in Traffic Collision Investigation and Reconstruction; 14 of those were as an on-scene investigator for a major California Sheriff's Department. He has been ACTAR accredited since October of 2001. He has qualified and testified numerous times as an expert in traffic collision reconstruction at trial and depositions and is a court-recognized expert.

He has been involved in Crash Data Retrieval (CDR) technology since 2002 and began using this technology during his law enforcement career. He now owns and operates Kent E. Boots & Associates; providing Forensic Mapping, and Crash Data Retrieval services to various reconstruction firms and law firms. He also consults on a regular basis with various Law Enforcement agencies throughout the United States regarding CDR technology.

Kent is a trained Bosch CDR Technician, Analyst, and a CDR system Operator/Technician trainer. He previously co-instructed the CDR Technician Trainer certification course from 2012-2020. He also teaches an Advanced Troubleshooting & Vehicle Systems for the CDR Technician course. He maintains a complete Bosch CDR Tool, a Hyundai/Kia EDR Tool, and Tesla EDR tool.

Kent has been teaching various facets of accident investigation/reconstruction for over 20 years. He has been a guest lecturer throughout the United States on various subjects on numerous occasions during this time period. He offers various training courses through his consulting business.

More information is available at: www.getEDRdata.com