The Accreditation Commission for Traffic Accident Reconstruction

What is Accreditation?

Accreditation adds a new dimension to the word "professionalism" of Traffic Accident Reconstruction. ACTAR offers an independent credentialing examination that objectively assesses a candidate's comprehension and application of minimum training standards of a forensic specialist in the field of motor vehicle accident investigation and reconstruction.

ACTAR is committed to promoting the intellectual development of individuals, organizations and institutions involved in traffic accident investigation and reconstruction. In so doing, ACTAR encourages the integrity, consistency and professionalism of those involved in traffic accident investigation and reconstruction.

Why Become Accredited?

Being an ACTAR Accredited Traffic Accident Reconstructionist will provide the individual with:

  • International recognition of having met standards set by 25 participating professional organizations
  • Continued professional growth and development
  • Personal and professional confidence in the reconstructionist's abilities
  • Employer confidence
  • Recognition by the legal and scientific community that the Accredited reconstructionist has met the only broad based, objective and meaningful standards available anywhere in the world
  • Inclusion in a directory of ACTAR Accredited Traffic Accident Reconstruction
  • Inclusion in an electronic database on the ACTAR Internet Web Site. This database can be searched by the legal community seeking traffic accident reconstructionists as expert witnesses.
  • Assurance that the Accredited Accident Reconstructionist is in compliance with the ACTAR Code of Conduct.

The ACTAR Governing Board of Directors is pleased you are visiting this site as part of your interest in professional development and individual accreditation and wish you success in the accreditation process.